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Book Recommendations

Any book that the blog author recommends, be it technical, non-technical, ...


This section mainly contains STEM-related books that are highly technical. They may or may not be designated textbooks, and has to be fairly rigorous in their treatment of the subject.

Measure, Integration & Real Analysis (by Sheldon Axler)

An overview of several intermediate analysis topics, including measure, Lebesgue integral, Banach / Lp / Hilbert space, Fourier analysis, and a chapter on probability. Overall a user-friendly book. The material is well-motivated, and the presentation is extremely clear. Accessible to anyone who had taken a semester of mathematical analysis, and strongly recommended to (a) students, as supplementary material for relevant calculus / analysis classes; or (b) students / researchers in less quantitative science / engineering fields, as a more gentle introduction to these topics (compared to something like Rudin).

Matrix Groups for Undergrads (by Kristopher Tapp)

(Note: this book can be accessed through institutions like AMS or universities)

An introductory book about Matrix Groups and their related algebraic / geometric / topological properties. Its contents aren't typically taught outside dedicated math classes, yet have wide applications in science and engineering, e.g. matrix groups lie bracket for describing Robotic movements or graphics standard complex structure for working with conformal maps in Computer Graphics. Accessible to anyone with some exposure to linear algebra, calculus, and algebraic structures, and strongly recommended to students / researchers in less quantitative fields who need a brief tour in such a topic.


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